Villa de San Miguel 2008

A Small History of Villa de San Miguel

In the 1880's, the world famous author, Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894), lived here and, inspired by the island "Todos Santos", penned the immortal classic, Treasure Island (which brought him his fame in 1883).

In 1956, Don Tomas Robertson and Don Pepita Geffroy created the Association "Villa de San Miguel". These lands were named long ago, before they were purchased from a man named Benigno Velequez. Both Mr. Robertson and Mrs. Geffroy-Bitterlin supported the surfing and helped young boys (no girls then) sponsoring various events, such as competitions here in the village as well on the Island "Todos Santos", which is only 6 miles in front of us. Most of those "boys" are still regulars visitors, a lot of them are now residents, and we welcome their grandkids each year for the different competitions held here. We are the home of over 100 residents from all over U.S. and Mexico.

In the late 1970's, a division between properties of the Robertson and Geffroy-Bitterilin families was necessary. Don Tomas attended but due to his declining health, his grandson Glenn took his position in coming to an agreement with Architect Jean Loup Bitterlin Geffroy (Don Pepita's son) over the splitting of the properties. Today, Don Tomas' great grandkids' are in charge of this village.

Villa de San Miguel is known the world over for the quality of the waves. It is host to many national and international competitions.

Best Surf in the World

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