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San Miguel is a peaceful village located approximately 65 miles south of San Diego and just North of Ensenada. It is well known to the surfing community.

This site is not allied with any organization, management, or association. The owner of this site does not want donations or financial assistance but does wish to remain anonymous and will attempt to be impartial. The purpose of this site is to provide a safe and open forum to the Villager's at San Miguel. It is designed to find solutions to problems, and to share thoughts and opinions without fear of retribution or personal attacks (you too can be anonymous if you choose). Brief memories and stories about San Miguel are also welcome. Suggestions to improve (or upgrade) the site are not only welcomed, but requested! The hope is to expand this site and its resources. Pictures of San Miguel (new and old) would be very cool and may be posted from time to time. This is here for fun and to help!

The owner of this site is a homeowner in the village and loves San Miguel. To remain anonymous the owner will go by the name "El Diablo" on this site. El Diablo enjoys big waves and quiet nights (age might have to do with that)! He loves beer but doesn't believe there is ever enough of it. El Diablo doesn't care for the village's water but thinks the price, the surf, and view far make up for it. He doesn't like angry, vengeful, bitter, or petty people. El Diablo believes in love and tolerance of others. Please be patient with this site. El Diablo is not a computer type of guy and will get stuck and need help occasionally from his amigo. El Diablo digs naps and rarely works weekends. Hope this proves to be helpful, educational, enjoyable, and healing.

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